My artworks expresses the magnificence of the Levant cultural heritage with a contemporary twist. Most of the time I merge reality with imagination and memory. I work hard to develop paintings that express the beauty of the ruins of the ancient societies which are in continuation of the present. 

My early artwork was inspired by ancient inscriptions and drawings discovered on old basalt volcanic stones in the Middle East. These drawings were created by the safawi people that inhabited the desert in 1000 B.C in Jordan. I made sure that my artwork maintained and reflected the spirit of this primitive art while allowing and respecting its freedom to also become part of contemporary art in the 21st century. The idea is to breathe life into forgotten ancient society through redrawing and painting them. I use different kinds of mediums to express this all, from Acrylic paintings to ceramics and mixed media. 

Earth inspired colours, somber brown, ochre, red and blue shades dominate most of my artwork which reflect my vision as an artist and human being. My paintings are characterised with simple outlines, presence of symbolic signs and emotive distortions of figures.