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The celebration.Acrylic on canvas.90x110 cm.2018

Acrylic on canvas.2011 .sold190x160 CM

Acrylic on canvas.2015.sold

Acrylic on canvas.2014.90x60cm.

Acrylic on canvas.2018.My Bird and I.size:90x70cm

Acrylic on canvas.1.90x1.60cm.2012

sold.2010.Acrylic on canvas

Acrylic on canvas.2016

Acrylic on canvas.2016.60x50 cm

Acrylic on canvas.2016

60x50 cm.Acrylic on canvas.2018 .

Acrylic on canvas.100x80cm.2018

110x90cm.Acrlic on canvas.Harmony

110x90cm.acrylic and mixed media on canvas.not available.2019

2019.not available.90x70cm